Small PA Systems

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Power Pod PA Media Package

The SW245 Power Pod PA system packs 50 watts of power into a unit weighing less than six pounds, reaching an audience size of 300 people with crystal clear sound.
$805.00 $499.00

Mity-Lite Portable PA

Lightweight, compact, UHF Portable PA System with built-in Bluetooth module. 35 Watts for audiences up to 350 and Rooms up to 1,500 sq. ft.
$749.00 $599.00

Bluetooth Wireless Portable Media Player PA System

SW725 is a powerful all-in-one PA system that puts you in command of your presentation for voice or music with all types of supporting media.
$1,049.00 $734.00

Audio Portable Buddy with Wired Handheld Mic

This portable PA system is a multimedia presentation powerhouse built into a rugged plastic carrying case.
$532.00 $372.00

Audio Portable Buddy with Wireless Lapel and Headset Microphone

Audience Size: Up to 1,000. Room Size: Up to 10,000 sq. ft. Wireless. Compact 50 watt powerhouse of presentation versatility! Use Indoors or Outdoors.
$798.00 $558.00

Audio Portable Buddy with Wireless Handheld Mic

Contains AmpliVox 50-watt multimedia stereo amplifier with built-in UHF 16 Channel receiver and one 6” x 8” Jensen design speaker built into rugged,
$798.00 $558.00